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ESO Complete In-house Re-processing of 20 Years of UVES 1D Spectra

Published: 26 Oct 2020

As part of ESO’s efforts to offer science data products to its community via the ESO Science Archive Facility, all the spectroscopic data acquired since the beginning of UVES operations at the VLT from March 2000 to March 2020, i.e. 20 years, have been reprocessed. Whenever possible, 1D spectra have been stacked at the OB level. The master calibrations associated with the science data before March 2015 have been reprocessed for better quality and consistency. Due to this reprocessing, some of the early science products not available before are now provided. All 1D spectra products are available from the ESO archive, have quality control plots and associated 2D extracted spectral images.

X-SHOOTER back into Operations and Open to Director's Discretionary Time Proposals

Published: 23 Oct 2020

Following the ramp-up to minimal science operations started on 9 September at Paranal and APEX (see separate announcement), observations with X-SHOOTER at UT3 have also recently resumed, and the instrument is now available for Director's Discretionary Time proposals.

New Band-Merged Source Catalog Released by the VVV Survey

Published: 09 Oct 2020

A new version of the VVV VISTA Public Survey source catalog is now available from the ESO Archive. The imaging data in the ZYJHKs bands from which the source catalogue is extracted are acquired under ESO programme 179.B-2002 before the 26th of September 2015.  

APEX-LABOCA Flux Map of M83 Released

Published: 08 Oct 2020

A new data release is available that includes a flux map at 870 μm for the galaxy M83 (NGC 5236). It is obtained from the combination of the observations taken with the Large APEX Bolometer Camera (LABOCA) at the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX), under the ESO programme id 081.C-0827(A), PI A. Lundgren, between 2008-06-19 and 2008-06-30.

Joint First and Second Data Releases of the X-SHOOTER Spectral Library (XSL)

Published: 06 Oct 2020

The X-SHOOTER Spectral Library project (XSL) aims to build a new, moderate-resolution stellar spectral library for use in stellar population modelling. Once completed the XSL will represent a significant improvement on current empirical stellar spectral libraries in terms of stellar parameters and wavelength coverage. The survey was conducted in two phases: a two-semester pilot survey (084.B-0869 and 085.B-0751) followed up by a Large Programme (189.B-0925), PI S.C Trager. The entire survey delivers spectra of a total of nearly 700 unique stars. The joint science spectra products from the first and second XSL data releases are now available to the community via the ESO archive.

2021 ESO Studentships

Published: 02 Oct 2020

The ESO research studentship programme provides an outstanding opportunity for PhD students to experience the exciting scientific environment at one of the world's leading observatories. ESO's studentship positions are open to students enrolled in a university PhD programme in astronomy or related fields. Students accepted into the programme work on their doctoral project under the formal supervision of their home university, but they come to ESO to work and study under the co-supervision of an ESO staff astronomer for a period of between one and two years.

ALMA Starts the Process of Recovering the Telescope Array

Published: 01 Oct 2020

For six months, almost the whole ALMA site has been shut down with no power, water treatment, or running water. Only a single piece of key equipment, the hydrogen maser, is still powered and checked daily as one of the tasks of the ALMA Caretaker Teams, the teams who have ensured the safety and security of the ALMA Observatory through the shutdown. With the improving pandemic situation in Chile, ALMA is now scheduled to begin the long process of recovering the telescope array in the Atacama on October 1st, 2020, starting with preparation of the ALMA Operations Support Facility (OSF) at 2900 metres for the return of staff and contractors.

First Data Release of the SINFONI Survey for Unveiling the Physics and the Effect of Radiative feedback (SUPER)

Published: 30 Sep 2020

The first data release of the SINFONI Survey for Unveiling the Physics and the Effect of Radiative feedback (SUPER, Circosta et al. 2018; ESO Large Programme 196.A-0377, PI: Mainieri) is now available to the community on ESO Archive via the Science Portal or programmatically.

Virtual Guided Tour for Potential ESO Fellowship Candidates

Published: 29 Sep 2020

ESO is organising a virtual guided tour of the ESO sites to facilitate the interaction between recent ESO fellows in Chile and Germany and candidates interested in applying to the currently open programmes. If you are considering applying for a fellowship, ESO invites you to attend the tour on 29 September at 15:00 CEST/10:00 CLT to discover the sites and learn more about the life of fellows at ESO, tips for your application or ask any other questions you might have. 

APEX Resumes Science Operations in Minimal Mode

Published: 25 Sep 2020

Following the decision taken by ESO on Aug 28 of resuming minimal science operations, the APEX observatory staff has successfully executed the ramp-up plan that was conceived during the previous months. A small team of engineers and astronomers awakened the 12-m antenna and several of the scientific instruments that were unpowered or in stand by since the end of March, when operations had to be suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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