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European ARC Announcements are provided by ESO and the European ALMA Nodes that together make up the European ALMA Regional Centre Network.

ALMA Cycle 4 Proposal Review: Detailed Report

Published: 24 Sep 2016

A detailed report on the outcome of the ALMA Cycle 4 Proposal Review Process is now available. The report details the proposal review process, proposal statistics and regional distributions, as well as the proposal distribution across science categories and receiver bands.

ALMA User Satisfaction Survey 2016

Published: 23 Sep 2016

ALMA will soon start science operations of Cycle 4. We are now looking forward to hearing your opinion regarding the Science Portal, user support, ALMA Science Archive, SnooPI, data processing and products, and aspects related to the ALMA Cycle 4 Phase 2 preparation and submission.

With this purpose we kindly ask you to complete the survey at: The deadline for submitting your feedback is Monday, October 24 at 15:00 UT.

ALMA Celebrates Half a Decade of Scientific Results

Published: 23 Sep 2016

Over 200 astronomers from all around the world have gathered in Indian Wells, California, U.S.A. to participate in the Half a Decade of ALMA: Cosmic Dawns Transformed conference held between September 20 and 23 and organized by ALMA and its partners: NRAO, NAOJ and ESO. This is the third international conference presenting ALMA’s results since the Observatory began its astronomical observation cycles.

More information:

Updated ALMA Configuration Schedule for Cycle 4

Published: 07 Sep 2016

ALMA announces that Configuration C40-7 will not be visited in October 2016 as indicated in the Cycle 4 Proposer’s Guide.

Release of ALMA Observations of the Galactic Centre

Published: 05 Sep 2016

ALMA observations of the Galactic Centre obtained on July 12 and 18, 2016 UT are now available in the ALMA archive. The ALMA data were obtained using Director’s Discretionary Time under project code 2015.A.00021.S (Principal Investigator Gunther Witzel) and are being made available to the community with no proprietary period.

Cycle 4 A- and B-graded Projects available on the ALMA Science Portal

Published: 01 Sep 2016

Information about ALMA Cycle 4 projects with public metadata, including all Cycle 4 A- and B-graded proposals, any Cycle 4 C-graded proposals with archived observations, are now available via the High Priority Projects page on the ALMA Science Portal.

New Release of Science Verification Data

Published: 23 Aug 2016

A new installment of Science Verification data is available. The data contains observations of quasars obtained during the long baseline campaigns in 2012, 2013, and 2014. The data were taken to study the stability of the relative amplitude and phase of the system and the atmosphere.

Postdoctoral Research Position at the ARC node at IRAM

Published: 27 Jun 2016

IRAM invites applications for a postdoctoral research position at the ARC node in Grenoble.  The successful candidate is expected to invest 50% of the time on personal astronomical research and 50% on support activities. The position offers the opportunity for astronomers to work with world-class research facilities and pursue their career in a very dynamic and competitive field of research. IRAM's research program covers a wide range of subjects from ISM chemistry, planetary science, young stellar objects, late stage stellar evolution, to extragalactic research at low and high redshift.

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