This page lists ALMA related documentation aimed at scientists. It includes general information on ALMA and the European ARC, ALMA talks and presentation and training material on (sub-)millimetre interferometry. The focus is on material produced at the European ARC, and items that are likely to be of particular relevance to the European ALMA community.

Official ALMA Documents and Manuals

All official ALMA documents and manuals are available from the ALMA Science Portal Documentation Page. The documentation available includes the Call for Proposals, technical specifications, handbooks and software manuals.

Training Material

Presentations related to ALMA

General presentations on sub(mm) observing/interferometry

Design Reference Science Plan (DRSP)

See the DRSP for a prototype suite of high-priority ALMA projects that could be carried out in ~3-4 years of ALMA full operations.


ALMA Newsletter

The quarterly ALMA Newsletter contains up-to-date news items of interest to both scientists and the general public. The ALMA Newsletter supercedes the European ALMA Newsletter, which was published until 2008.

Messenger Articles

The ESO Messenger regularly publishes articles related to ALMA. The information covers science as well organisational and technological aspects.