People as of February 2016

Joseph Anderson

  • supernova host galaxies and environments
  • type II supernovae and distance estimation techniques
fellow (Paranal)

Manuel Aravena

  • ISM properties of distant galaxies
  • sub-mm astronomy
assistant professor (UDP)

Daniel Asmus

  • mid-IR observations
  • AGN
  • Solar System
fellow (Paranal)

Callum Bellhouse

  • galaxies and their environment
  • jellyfish galaxies / ram pressure stripping
student (sup.: George Hau)

Giovanni Carraro

  • the Magellanic clouds
  • near-field cosmology
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Willem-Jan de Wit

  • massive stars
  • star formation in galaxies
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Michael Dumke

  • radio emission from galaxies
  • ISM in external galaxies
staff astronomer (APEX)

Daniel Espada

  • interstellar medium, star formation and AGN feeding mechanisms
  • environment and evolution of galaxies
staff astronomer (ALMA)

Dimitri Gadotti

  • structural analysis of galaxies via image decomposition
  • stellar populations, structure and dynamics in galaxy bulges and bars
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Diego Garcia

  • neutral Hydrogen in galaxies
  • mm/sub-mm astronomy
staff astronomer (ALMA)

Boris Haeussler

  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Galaxy transformation from blue, star-forming disks to red, "dead" ellipticals
  • Build-up of the red sequence
  • Bulge/Disc decomposition of galaxies both at low and high redshift
staff astronomer (paranal)

George Hau

  • early type galaxies: morphologies, kinematics and stellar populations
  • stellar systems and intermediate mass black holes
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Pascale Hibbon

  • high redshift galaxies
  • galaxy formation and evolution
  • galaxy clusters
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Yara Jaffé

  • gas stripping processes
  • quenching of star formation in groups and clusters
  • formation of early-type galaxies
fellow (Paranal)

Evelyn Johnston

  • formation of counter-rotating stellar disks
  • transformation of spirals into lenticulars
fellow (Paranal)

Ruediger Kneissl

  • Observational Cosmology, Cosmic Microwave Background
  • Clusters of Galaxies, Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect
  • High-z Dusty Galaxies, Proto-clusters, Gravitational Lensing
staff astronomer (ALMA)

Jin Koda

  • galaxy formation and evolution
  • the interstellar medium and star formation
Visiting professor at ALMA from Stony Brook University in NY

Cedric Ledoux

  • QSO absorption-line systems: heavy elements, molecules and dust at high redshift
  • interstellar medium and circumburst environment of gamma-ray burst host galaxies
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Sergio Martín

  • ISM in galaxy nuclei
  • Astrochemistry
  • The Galactic Center
staff astronomer (ALMA)

Steffen Mieske

  • extragalactic star clusters and dwarf galaxies
  • near-field cosmology
Head of Science Operations (Paranal)

Juan Carlos Muñoz Mateos

  • galaxy formation and evolution
  • physics of the interstellar medium
staff astronomer, coordinator (Paranal)

Emanuela Pompei

  • compact groups of galaxies: formation, evolution and characteristics
  • influence of the environment on galaxies
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Eleonora Sani

  • AGN feeding and feedback
  • black hole / bulge scaling relation
  • role of AGNs in protoclusters
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Ivo Saviane

  • stellar populations of Galactic globular clusters and
    dwarf galaxies of the Local Group
  • the mass-metallicity relation and its evolution with redshift
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Fernando Selman

  • the stellar initial mass function
  • star formation in galaxies
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Alain Smette

  • AGN, quasars and gamma-ray burst afterglows
  • gravitational lensing and the modeling of telluric lines
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Jonathan Smoker

  • high velocity clouds and the interstellar medium
  • Magellanic systems
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Matt Taylor

  • clusters, dwarf galaxies and tidal features around Centaurus A.
student (sup.: Steffen Mieske, Thomas Puzia/PUC)

Konrad Tristram

  • AGN
  • supermassive black holes
  • nearby active galaxies
  • very high angular resolution imaging and spectroscopy
  • optical and near-IR interferometry
staff astronomer (Paranal)

Eric Villard

  • high redshift galaxies
  • molecular gas in galaxies
staff astronomer (ALMA)

Frederic Vogt

  • compact groups of galaxies
  • gas flows, star formation, galaxy evolution
  • data visualization and integral field spectroscopy
fellow (Paranal)

Linda Watson

  • star formation and the ISM in nearby galaxies
  • connections between atomic gas, molecular gas, and star formation in bulgeless disk galaxies and galaxies with extended ultraviolet (XUV) disks
  • galaxy evolution, especially by secular processes
fellow (ALMA)