Standard Star Catalogue Search Tool

version 3.2, May 2005

This tool searches the standard star catalogues for standards that are within dX airmasses of the target at a given LST. To search the catalogues, enter target coordinates and LST of target observation (Target LST).

You may want to observe the standard star at a different LST than when the target was observed. In this case put the LST when the target was observed in the TargetLST box as before, and put the LST of the standard star observation in the StdObs LST box.

The spectral type range fields may be left blank in which case all types will be searched. The magnitude range fields can be used to specify lower and upper limits for a selectable magnitude. Using the default range values will include all objects regard less if they have a measured magnitude or not.

Coordinates and sidereal times can be entered using : or <space> as seperators. Seconds need not be entered, ie. 4:32 will be interpreted as 04:32:00.
If required, it is possible to make and alternative search for specific sub-strings of the target ID. In this case just fill in the lower right box and hit SEARCH NAME.


R.A.: Dec.: Epoch: Location:
Target LST: StdObs LST:

< SpecType < (input eg. B3 and B5)

< < (magnitude range)

dX - difference in airmass


Select search catalogue:   Alt. search: Object name