HAWK-I Science Verification (old No-AO, 2008)

The science verification (SV) for HAWK-I is being carried following the VLT Science Verification Policy and Procedures .

SV runs will be interleaved with commissioning and paranalisation activities, taking place between October 2007 and January 2008.


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Approved Programmes

A summary of the approved programmes is given below. Consult the Abstract page for more details (README files, finding charts) on all programmes.

Reminder: all (raw) data and calibrations are becoming public shortly after observations.
There is no proprietary periode nor earlier data release to the PIs.

Authors Title Targets Coordinates Filters
Doherty et al. Proto-clusters in the environs of redshift z~2 Radio Galaxies MRC0030-219d 00:33 -21:42 J,K,NB1190 DONE
Fontana et al. A deep infrared view on galaxies in the early Universe CDFS 03:32 -27:45 Y,J,H,K,NB1060,NB2090 Y+NB1060 completed
Franx et al. The missing link: a deep K-band map of the Extended-CDFS CDFS 03:32 -27:45 K mosaic only few images
Gieles et al. Fundamental properties of star clusters in nearby spiral galaxies NGC 7793 23:57 -32:35 Y,J,H,K,BrG DONE
Kneib et al. A Deep Infrared Survey through a Massive Cluster Lens MS0451.6-0305 04:51 -03:05 Y,J,H,K,NB1060 only NB1060 largely complete
Kuntschner et al. The globular cluster system of NGC 3115 NGC 3115 10:05 -07:43 J,H,K DONE
Larsen et al. Star Cluster Populations in the Merger Remnant NGC 1316 NGC 1316 03:23 -37:10 K only few images
Lidman et al. The build-up of the red sequence in rich galaxy clusters XMMU J2235-2557 22:35 -25:57 J,K DONE
McCaughrean et al. Proper motions in HH 212: tying down the reference frame... HH 212 05:43 -01:02 NBH2 DONE
Mora et al. Star formation in the Small Magellanic Cloud NGC 602 region SMC - NGC 602 01:29 -73:33 J,H,K DONE
Preibisch et al. The Carina Nebula as a laboratory of massive star feedback Carina 10:46 -60:00 J,H,K,NBH2,BrG mosaic largely completed
Seifart et al. Deep imaging in Chamaeleon I Chamaeleon I 11:10 -77:00 K DONE

(Obsolete) Call for Science Verification Proposals


The Science Verification of the new IR imager HAWK-I will take place between October 2007 and February 2008.
The call for proposals is now open, with a deadline of September 1st, 2007.
Please use the foreseen template for preparing proposals.
Information about HAWK-I can be found at http://www.eso.org/sci/facilities/paranal/instruments/hawki/

If you have any questions on the HAWK-I Science Verification, please contact Markus Kissler-Patig