Visitors in 2023

Jiri ZAK

  • Dates of stay: April 28 to May 12 2023
  • Institution: ESO Garching  
  • Inviting Party: I. De Gregorio


  • Dates of stay: 30 March to 30 June 2023
  • Institution: Universidad de Tarapaca
  • Inviting party: Jesus Corral

Prof. Rene MENDEZ

  • Dates of stay: Aug 18, 2022 to  Jun 30, 2023
  • Institution:  DAS, Universidad de Chile, Santiago
  • Inviting party: Robert De Rosa

Scientific Interests: Galactic structure, kinematics, stellar dynamics, binary and multiple stellar systems and interferometry


  • Dates of stay: Jan 4 to  April 30, 2023
  • Institution: Padova University, Italy
  • Inviting party: M Berton & E Sani

Scientific Interests: Narrow-line Seyfert 1 and their optical and radio properties


  • Dates of stay: Jan 9 to  Feb 21, 2023
  • Institution: Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade, Serbia
  • Inviting party: Konrad Tristram

Scientific Interests: Active galactic nuclei, dust emission, radiative transfer


  • Dates of stay: Jan 9 to  Feb 3, 2023
  • Institution: IAC- Uni. La Laguna, Canarias
  • Inviting party: Jesus Corral

Scientific Interests: Compact binary stars, cataclysmic variables, novae, dynamical masses in compact binaries, accretion processes, time-domain astrophysics, mineralogy of planetary debris around white dwarfs.


  • Dates of stay: Jan 18-29 & Feb 8-25, 2023
  • Institution: Science Office Garching, ESO HQ-
  • Inviting party: A. Escorza & M. Abdul-Masih

Scientific Interests: Stellar evolution & populations, observational characterization of massive stars in in binary systems, binary interaction products and classical Be stars.

Dominic BOWMAN

  • Dates of stay:  Feb 15 to Feb 22, 2023
  • Institution: KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Inviting party: A Escorza & M Abdul-Masih

Research areas: Astereoseismology, Stellar pulsations and Stellar structure & evolution



  • Dates of stay: April 10 to Aug 30 2023
  • Institution: Student from ISAE-SUPAERO, France
  • Inviting Party: Robert De Rosa


  • Dates of stay: Mar 20 to Jun 15, 2023
  • Institution: Student from Politechnical University of Catalonia/UPC, Spain
  • Inviting party: Jesus Corral (supervisor)

Research interest: Compact objects, especially Black Holes, Supernovae, Gamma-ray & X-ray bursts, Nova & Binary systems.

Nicholas “Nick” FOO

  • Dates of stay:  Mar 15 to Jun 15, 2023
  • Institution: Student from University of Arizona, US
  • Inviting party: Kevin Harrington (Supervisor)

Research interest: Gravitational Lensing (modeling), Galaxy Cluster Formation/Evolution, Lensed DSFG

Francisco URBINA

  • Dates of stay: Mar 13 to May 15, 2023
  • Institution: PhD student from Universidad de Chile
  • Inviting party: Fuyan Bian (supervisor)

Research interest: Circumgalactic medium,  MUSE observations in QSO fields and protoplanetary discs using ALMA observations


  • Dates of stay: Mar 8 to May 6, 2023
  • Institution: PhD student from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • Inviting party: Elyar Sedaghati (supervisor)

Research interest: Exoplanetary Atmospheres, Planet Formation, High-resolution spectroscopy with ESPRESSO


  • Dates of stay: March 1 to June 30, 2023
  • Institution: PSL-Sorbonne University-OBPM, France
  • Inviting party: Michael Marsset

Research areas:  Shape of small Solar System bodies, Adaptative Optics instrument data analysis (VLT/SPHERE)


  • Dates of stay:  Feb 13, 2022 to May 6, 2022
  • Institution: MSc student from DAS, Universidad de Chile
  • Inviting party: Belen Alcalde (supervisor)


  • Dates of stay:  Feb 13, 2022 to May 13, 2022
  • Institution: MSc student from Astronomy Dep, Universidad de Concepcion
  • Inviting party: Hugo Messias (supervisor)

Aiswarya ARUN

  • Dates of stay:  Feb 1 to  Apr 30, 2023
  • Institution: MSc student from DAS, Universidad de Chile
  • Inviting party: Intern student of Evgenia Koumpia (supervisor)


  • Dates of stay: Jan 24 to Feb 3, 2023
  • Institution:  Ghent University, Belgium
  • Inviting party: Konrad Tristram

Jennifer PERALTA

  • Dates of stay: 1 Feb to 28 Feb,  2023
  • Institution: PUC, Chile
  • Inviting party: Matias Jones

Alonso Andres GUERRERO

  • Dates of collaboration: Jan 16, 2022 to Feb 28, 2023
  • Institution: PhD student from IFA, Universidad de Valparaiso
  • ESO Supervisor: SCV intern student of Elyar Sedaghati 

Fernanda MUNOZ Olivares

  • Dates of collaboration: Jan 9, 2022 to Mar 9, 2023
  • Institution: PhD student from Inst. Astrofisica, P. Universidad Catolica de Chile
  • ESO Supervisor: SCV intern student of Cedric Ledoux