Physics on Stage 2001

Physics On Stage and the Science Festival were jointly organised by CERN, ESA and ESO, in collaboration with the European Physical Society (EPS) and the European Association for Astronomy Education (EAAE) and national organisations in about 25 European countries. During this final phase of the yearlong Physics On Stage programme, more than 500 physics teachers, government officials and media representatives gathered at CERN to discuss different aspects of physics education. The meeting was particular timely in view of the current decline of interest in physics and technology by Europe's citizens, especially schoolchildren. It included spectacular demonstrations of new educational materials and methods.

The video conveys the great enthusiasm of the many participants who spent an extremely fruitful week, meeting and exchanging information with colleagues from all over the continent. It shows the various types of activities that took place, from the central "fair" with national and organisational booths to the exciting performances and other dramatic presentations. Based of the outcome of 13 workshops that focussed on different subject matters, a series of very useful recommendations was passed at the final session. The Science Festival was also visited by several high-ranking officials, including the European Commissioner for Research, Phillipe Busquin.


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Release date:11 January 2001
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