Colour-magnitude diagram of 2341 stars towards N214C

Colour-magnitude, V versus B - V, diagram for the 2341 stars observed toward LMC N214C. Three curves are shown, representing the positions of stars having an age of 1 million years (red curve), 1,000 million years (dotted blue), and 10,000 million years (dashed-dotted green), computed for the LMC metallicity and distance. It is clear from this diagram that N214C is composed of two populations: a very young one, containing very massive stars, and an older one. Star numbered 17 is the main component of the Sk -71 51 cluster.



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Release date:22 April 2005
Related releases:eso0513
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Name:N214C, Sk-71 51
Type:Local Universe : Star
Local Universe : Nebula : Type : Star Formation
Distance:170000 light years

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