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28 October 2019

Is it Pac-Man trying to swallow the Moon or a fortuitous photo of one of our VLT Auxiliary telescopes on the cover of the 2020 ESO Calendar? The calendar, which is available in the ESOshop, has 12 images — a selection of our best photos of the cosmos and our telescopes against the stunning Chilean landscape — which will accompany you throughout the year.  

For the month of March, you can enjoy the breathtaking Milky Way over the site of the biggest eye on the sky, ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope. Just imagine what this place will look like in 2025 when the giant, 40-metre class telescope is ready to uncover some of the mysteries of the Universe that can only be tackled with a facility of this size.

The month of July brings you a composite image of the phases of the 2019 Total Solar Eclipse from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile, a celestial show we were lucky to witness during the observatory’s 50th anniversary.

In September you can marvel at the first picture of a black hole, made possible thanks to a truly global collaboration, while December brings you a colourful and wispy view of cloud Sharpless 2-296 — the “wings” of the Seagull Nebula — carrying you into the holiday season.

You can view the individual pages of the calendar here. Also, marked for each month, are the dates of the lunar phases. 

The calendar measures 43 x 43 centimetres and has 14 pages, with a cardboard back. It is available in the ESOshop for 9.50 euros. 



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ESO Calendar 2020 cover
ESO Calendar 2020 cover