ESOcast 104: Data2Dome: From the Universe to You

27 April 2017

Planetariums around the world can now share the latest discoveries in astronomy with their visitors on the very day they are announced.

The European Southern Observatory (ESO), in partnership with Evans & Sutherland and the International Planetarium Society, is proud to launch the cutting-edge Data2Dome project, which will bring the Universe into planetariums around the world at the click of a mouse — and all for free. ESOcast 104 shows you how this exciting new system works and what it can deliver — from information about events in the sky, to stunning fulldome images and videos, to the latest press releases about our complex and extraordinary Universe.

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Screenshot of ESOcast 104
Screenshot of ESOcast 104


ESOcast 104: Data2Dome: From the Universe to You
ESOcast 104: Data2Dome: From the Universe to You