CD-ROM: Two of the World's Largest Observatories in Panoramic Views


This CD-ROM has been produced by ESO to make available (e.g., for professional-quality reproduction) the full datasets for the unique panoramic views of ESO's observatories at La Silla and Paranal, published as eso9947 and eso0112, respectively.

The formats of the two image files are Paranal: 23457 x 3496 pix, corresponding to 497 cm x 74 cm at 120 ppi; RGB TIFF; 235 Mb - and La Silla: 17500 x 1983 pix; 440 cm x 50 cm at 100 ppi; RGB TIFF; 99 Mb.

This product is only available in electronic form.

This moyen is not available for sale.



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Release date:3 November 2010, 16:46


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