PyCPL - A New Python Interface to ESO Pipelines

Published: 16 Nov 2022

All ESO data reduction pipelines are currently written in the C programming language using ESO's Common Pipeline Library (CPL) and the pipeline recipes are executed using either the Esorex command line tool, or the ESOReflex GUI. Recently, ESO released an early version of PyCPL that provides Python language bindings for CPL. This opens a new interface to the ESO pipelines.

PyCPL makes it possible to execute the recipes of all available ESO instrument pipelines from Python, either using PyEsorex (an Esorex replacement available at the above link), from scripts, or from the interpreter prompt. Beyond that, it also provides the technical means to write pipeline recipes in Python which are compliant with ESO standards. The current release, PyCPL 0.9, is an early release that is made public to collect feedback from the community. The release of PyCPL v1.0 is planned in the course of 2023.