ALMA Cycle 7 Science Observations Status Update

Published: 16 Jul 2021

Cycle 7 PI science observations have been continuing, although with some significant interruption due to snowstorms at the end of May and in mid-June. Combined with pandemic conditions affecting maximum staffing levels at the site, this led to a delay in reaching the 12-m Array C43-7 configuration (completed on 12 July). Unfortunately, the delay has an impact on the configuration schedule for the remainder of Cycle 7.

At this point it is planned that C43-8 will be achieved in early August and reaching a hybrid C43-9/10 configuration by early September is a high priority. All C43-10 projects in the observing queue are expected to meet the beam criteria if observed in this hybrid C43-9/10 configuration. PI science using the Morita Array continues. The goal of a smooth transition to the start of the Cycle 8 2021 science observations on 1 October in the C43-8 configuration remains. Status updates will continue becoming available in the ALMA Science Portal on a regular basis.

The ALMA Regional Centers continue to provide support to all ALMA users. If you have any questions, comments or concerns related to your projects or the situation at ALMA, please contact the ALMA Helpdesk.