ELT News

Published: 14 Dec 2020
A Sharp Eye on the Sky

The ELT has recently received a 10% increase to its budget, which brings the total cost of the project to €1.3 billion. The funding boost was approved by the ESO Council, the organisation’s main governing body. An 80% of the ELT’s budget is being invested in contracts with industry in ESO member states and in Chile. The revised budget includes the procurement of components originally deferred to a second phase of the project, such as the telescope’s second prefocal station, two more laser guide star systems, a set of astronomy-relevant atmospheric monitoring equipment and a small technical building at Armazones to optimise operations and maintenance activities. The new budget includes the cost of activities needed to bring the ELT into operation as part of ESO’s Paranal Observatory.

In addition, design achievements have taken place for actuators and sensors of the main mirror of the ELT and for the ELT dome. The design of the first prefocal station is close to approval, and the contract for the second prefocal station has been signed.