Update on La Silla Paranal Observatory

Published: 12 Jun 2020

All ESO observatories continue to operate in safe mode and no science operation is taking place. All visitor mode runs until middle of July have been cancelled. La Silla Paranal Observatory has developed a ramp-up plan to transition the Paranal, La Silla and APEX Observatories from Safe State to Restricted Operations mode, with the ability to perform basic science operations with limited staffing on site. Once the ramp-up plan is initiated, we estimate a minimum of three weeks until first scientific data can be taken again, and about two more weeks until 'steady state' restricted operations would be reached.

Bi-weekly reviews are taking place to regularly assess whether the conditions in Chile allow to initiate the ramp-up plan. The first such review happened in the week of May 25, and showed that current conditions in Chile do not allow to initiate the ramp-up, yet.  

We will update the LPO news page on a bi-weekly basis following the outcome of these regular reviews. Visitor mode users will be informed individually by ESO's Observing Programmes Office (OPO) on the status of their runs during the rest of Period 105.