Announcement of 2019 ESO Workshops

Published: 02 Jul 2018
An ESO conference in Garching

Science workshops are an essential component of ESO's programmes and represent a unique opportunity to promote and foster ideas and collaborations within the scientific community. Every year, through the Directorate for Science, ESO provides support and funding to organise two workshops in Santiago and four in Garching, as well as co-funding some external workshops (see ESO Workshops calendar). In 2019, eight conferences have been selected with four being held at ESO Garching, two at ESO Vitacura, and two elsewhere (in Europe and Australia). ESO would like to sincerely thank all workshop proposers for the time and effort they invested in preparing their proposals and for their participation in the call, which resulted in a pressure factor of above three.

Conferences in Europe & Australia
  • Linking galaxies from the epoch of initial star formation to today
  • Science with 4MOST – Workshop to prepare the ESO Community for the 4MOST call for Letters of Intent
  • Making astronomers smarter: Artificial intelligence in astronomy
  • A synoptic view of the Magellanic Clouds: VMC, Gaia and beyond
  • The extragalactic explosive Universe: the new era of transient surveys and data-driven discovery
  • ALMA2019: science results and cross-facility synergies
Conferences in Chile
  • The La Silla Observatory: from the inauguration to the future
  • ESO spectroscopic surveys: past, present and future of galaxy