Large Early Galaxy Census (LEGA-C) Public Spectroscopic Survey: Second Data Release

Published: 28 Jun 2018
Spectrum from EREBOS data release

The LEGA-C ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey conducted at the VLT with the VIMOS multi-object spectrograph selects its target galaxies from the UltraVISTA catalogue in the 1.6 square-degree area of the COSMOS field and obtains deep, high resolution spectra from which the kinematics and stellar population parameters of the galaxies are extracted. The LEGA-C second data release (DR2) consists of science products from the second year of observations. Due to refinements of the reduction pipeline, the spectra from the first year were reprocessed and are also included in DR2.  

The current release contains 1988 reduced spectra of 1922 unique sources. The high-level catalogue is also published through the ESO Science Archive. The catalogue records provide several physical parameters such as spectroscopic redshift, emission line fluxes, stellar and gas velocities for the target galaxies. More information can be found in the extensive release description.

Spectra can be browsed and downloaded via the new Science Portal and the Phase 3 specific query forms for spectra. The LEGA-C catalogue is available through the catalog facility query interface.