MUSE Wide Field Mode AO Commissioning Data

Published: 29 Jun 2018
MUSE WFM-AO image of the planetary nebula IC 4406

The commissioning runs of MUSE in Wide-Field Mode Adaptive Optics (WFM-AO) were carried out at the VLT on UT4 in June and July 2017. Several astronomical targets were observed to demonstrate the the capability of this new mode, find the best observing strategies and optimise the performance of the pipeline data reduction. The commissioning data have been released to illustrate the power of GLAO correction with MUSE WFM on different science targets; they can also be used as a reference to plan future programmes. Reduced data will be made available later this summer.

It is important to stress the limitations of this dataset. Some observations were taken with experimental (non-optimal) exposure times and observing strategies. Note also that a large fraction of these frames were taken during AO performance tests with a dedicated template alternating between opened and closed loop observations. If these data are used for publication, please acknowledge that the results are based on public data released from the MUSE WFM-AO commissioning observations at the VLT Yepun (UT4) telescope under Programme ID 60.A-9100(G) and 60.A-9100(H).