Period 97 Telescope Allocation

Published: 13 Jan 2016
Sunset at the VLT

The 97th Observing Programmes Committee (OPC) met on 17–19 November 2015. A total of 1093 (10-hour equivalent) nights of Visitor Mode and Service Mode observations were allocated on the VLT/VLTI, VISTA, VST, the 3.6-metre and NTT and APEX telescopes. The submission deadline for Phase 2 Service Mode observations is 4 February 2016; see separate announcement.

On the VLT, the balance between Visitor and Service Mode in P97 was 30.3% and 49.1% (+ 20.6% fillers). Public Surveys, and new and ongoing Large Programmes, on the VLT occupy 15.7% of the allocation, while the equivalent numbers on the 3.6-metre and NTT are 43.0% and 41.1%, respectively. The outcome of the time allocation was communicated to the PIs of the 1023 proposals submitted in P97 on Tuesday, 22 December 2015.