Approved VIMOS Public Spectroscopic Surveys: VANDELS and LEGA-C

Published: 21 Jan 2015
VIMOS on the VLT

The last steps of the long process of evaluation of proposals for the ESO Public Spectroscopic Surveys have been completed, and two surveys have been approved with the VIMOS instrument on the VLT. These are VANDELS – A deep VIMOS survey of the CANDELS UDS and CDFS fields (PIs Ross McLure [Edinburgh] and Laura Pentericci [INAF-Rome]) and LEGA-C – The Large Early Galaxy Astrophysics Census survey (PI: Arjen van der Wel [MPIA]) in the COSMOS field.

These two surveys will be carried out for four years and study the properties of galaxies in redshift range z=0.6–1.0 and at higher redshifts. A brief summary of the scientific goals and the survey management plans of VANDELS and LEGA-C are now available together with those of the other on-going public spectroscopic surveys.