Ultra-deep Ks-band Imaging Data of the UDS and GOODS-South Fields Released

Published: 07 Oct 2014
HUGS HAWK-I Ks-band image of GOODS-S

The HAWK-I Ultra Deep Survey and GOODS Survey (HUGS) is an near-infrared imaging survey executed with HAWK-I (PI: A. Fontana); an overview can be found here. HUGS covers two CANDELS extragalactic fields: a sub-area of the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey (UDS) and GOODS-South. HUGS delivers the deepest, highest quality images ever collected in the K-band: to Ks=27.3 (1σ) in UDS and to Ks=27.8 in GOODS-South. Deep Y-band images in the UDS field have also been acquired.

Data are grouped in three distinct collections: HUGS_GOODSS_K, HUGS_UDS_K and HUGS_UDS_Y, each of them containing the mosaics and a source catalogue. Images can be queried and downloaded from the Science Archive Facility, with the single-band catalogues accessible from the catalogue facility query interface.