IMPRS Studentships

Published: 07 Oct 2014

If you wish to conduct a PhD in astronomy-astrophysics within one of the largest centres of astrophysical research in the world, which covers every subject from planets, stars, and galaxies to cosmology, you should seriously consider applying to the IMPRS studentship programme in Munich.

The International Max-Planck Research School on Astrophysics is a joint graduate school of the Max-Planck Institutes for extraterrestrial Physics (MPE) and Astrophysics (MPA), the Observatory of the Ludwig-Maximilians University (LMU), and ESO. It has its centre on the Garching research campus and offers a number of full 3-year positions to conduct exciting research in one of the involved institutes. ESO, as one active partner of the IMPRS programme, will this round offer from 2 to 3 positions, under the supervision of a member of the Faculty at ESO Headquarters.

Applicants for IMPRS studentships should hold a Bachelor or Masters Degree or Diploma in Physics or Astronomy (or equivalent), including a corresponding thesis. Successful applicants will receive a tax-free allowance, the exact amount depending on family status. Support in all administrative matters, such as visa, housing and access to free language classes, is provided by the IMPRS office.

More details on the IMPRS programme and the admission requirements can be found on the IMPRS website. The closing date for applications is 15 November 2014 for the programme starting in September 2015.