MUSE Science Verification and Commissioning Data

Published: 18 Sep 2014

The Science Verification (SV) for MUSE consisted of two observing runs (20–29 June and 18–24 August 2014). Forty four programmes were fully completed and another three received partial data. All data are publicly available through the MUSE SV webpage.
Additional to the previous announcement, data from all three MUSE commissioning runs (February, April – May and 25 July – 03 August 2014) are now available for download together with calibration files.

The science topics of the SV observations covered a wide area of astrophysics. An incomplete list includes: star-formation history in circum-nuclear rings of spiral galaxies, characterization of the properties of the inter-stellar medium in galaxies affected by ram-pressure stripping, studies of the thickness and composition of the clouds in the atmosphere of brown-dwarfs, constraining the formation and dynamical evolution of multiple-population globular clusters, studies of lensed quasars and planetary nebulae, confirmation and characterization of high-redshift proto-clusters, dynamical constraints on intermediate mass black holes. The MUSE SV page lists the programme titles with direct links to their archival data.