Satellites and Streams in Santiago

Published: 12 Aug 2014
Simulation of satellite galaxy interactions. Credit: Andreas Küpper, Columbia

ESO Workshop, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, 13–17 April 2015

Satellite galaxies, streams and the star cluster – dwarf galaxy interface are inter-related. Galactic satellites and streams should be regarded together – satellites result from low-mass substructures while tidal streams trace the disruption of these substructures by the host's gravitational potential. Both contribute to the assembly of the host galaxy and provide a unique opportunity to test and improve our understanding of structure formation at small and large scales. This workshop aims to bring together experts from both fields to explore the bigger picture.

The discovery of transition objects at the star cluster–dwarf galaxy interface has blurred the historical distinction between satellite classes, putting in question our understanding of tidal transformation and the census of small stellar systems. The star cluster-dwarf galaxy interface will therefore be an integral part of this workshop.

The workshop will consist of about 15 invited keynote talks of 30 mins each, and 40-50 20 minute talks with a mixture of invited and contributed talks, including ample time for discussion. Please refer to the workshop webpage for more details.

Image: Simulation of galaxy interactions. Credit: Andreas Küpper.