Ground and Space Observatories: A Joint Venture to Planetary Science

Published: 31 Jul 2014
Jupiter Great Red Spot: VLT and HST

ESO – ESA Workshop, ESO Vitacura, Santiago, Chile, 2–5 March 2015

Exploration of the Solar System and subsequent discoveries are made with planetary missions and ground-based observatories. These two means are complementary and are sometimes strategically linked, as in the case of the Deep Impact mission. During this workshop, the synergies between these two paths will be explored, with the aim to foster collaboration between both communities by sharing scientific and technical knowledge, needs, requirements, and techniques. The workshop will take advantage of the venue to showcase the current and future capabilities of ALMA for planetary science, and thereby encourage planetary scientists to use this facility.

The workshop will consist of invited and contributed talks, general discussions and posters. A keynote talk on the current status of planetary science is planned to open the workshop. The deadline for abstract submission is 20 November 2014 with final announcement about 9 January 2015. See the workshop announcement for more details or e-mail for further information.