HIRES 2014: Astronomy at High Angular Resolution – A Cross-disciplinary Approach

Published: 13 May 2014

ESO Workshop, ESO Headquarters, Garching, Germany, 24–28 November 2014

Recent years have seen a huge development in high-resolution techniques, which are critical to progress in many different areas of astronomy. These techniques can be divided into direct methods (e.g., adaptive optics, lucky imaging), interferometry (including speckle imaging and spectro-astrometry) and reconstruction methods (astrotomography). This workshop aims to bring together the different communities working in these fields increasing the synergies among them.

Sessions will be organised by science topic, with an astrophysical review of the challenges by an expert in the field, followed by observational results from different techniques and technical talks describing progress on the methods. There will be ample time for contributed talks and discussions, and space for posters.

A variety of imaging and spectroscopic techniques will be covered, applied to a range of astronomical targets from planets, stellar discs, stellar surfaces, binary stars and active galactic nuclei. Current and future instrumentation for high angular resolution will also be featured. More detailed information is available on the workshop webpage or by e-mail.

The abstract submission deadline is 22 August and the registration deadline 24 October 2014.