Observing Time Calculation for APEX Instruments Artemis and Supercam

Published: 23 Mar 2014

A new observing time calculator is now available for the Artemis 350µm camera offered on APEX in Period 94. This calculator assumes a field of view of 4.7×2.5 arcminutes, with fully sampled pixels in the 350µm focal plane. The 450µm and 200µm planes are not offered in Period 94. Note that this is only a preliminary version of the calculator, as the full commissioning of Artemis will be performed in June 2014.

The Supercam 345 GHz heterodyne array instrument for APEX does not have a dedicated calculator. However, to estimate the observing time request, the Swedish Heterodyne Facility Instrument (SHFI) on-the-fly calculator should be used, and the time request should be divided by a factor of 13. This factor takes into account the expected 52 operational pixels of Supercam and the slightly higher receiver temperature compared to SHFI.