zCOSMOS Advanced Data Products Available via Phase 3

Published: 21 Mar 2014

The zCOSMOS-bright advanced data products are now available via the Science Data Products query form of the ESO Archive. The zCOSMOS large programme on the VLT used VIMOS for a redshift survey in the 1.7 square degree COSMOS field. The zCOSMOS-bright Data Release 2 made available 10643 spectra to iAB < 22.5 mag.

The zCOSMOS data were migrated to be compliant to the ESO standard and ingested in the ESO Science Archive Facility via the Phase 3 infrastructure. This migration enhanced the value of the products by adding useful information in the headers of the files. Furthermore, the associated zCOSMOS-bright catalogue is accessible via the Catalogue facility query interface. More details about the zCOSMOS release can be found in the release description. An overview and a refereed paper on zCOMSOS-bright have been published.