WFI Quick Template Reference

The general file name is of the form <ImageName>#.fits  where

  • <ImageName> is listed in column 2 below
  • # is a running index (blank for the first file of that type, ".1" for the second file, ".2" for the third file, etc)
Acquisition Template Image Name Description
WFI_img_acq_Preset No image The telescope does a blind pointing to the field
WFI_img_acq_MoveToGap WFI_AcqGapIma To position an object in an inter-chip gap for subsequent imaging. The object and the gap positions are specified in the finding chart, graphically.
WFI_img_acq_MoveToPixel WFI_AcqGapIma To position an object on a specific pixel of the CCD. The pixel coordinates are specified in the template; the star is specified in the finding chart.
Observation/Science Template Image Name Description
WFI_img_obs_Dither WFI_Ima Standard Imaging
Calibration Template Image Name Description
WFI_cal_Darks WFI_Dark Biases and dark current frames
WFI_cal_FocusSeq WFI_FocSeqIma Focussing the telescope with a focus sequence
WFI_img_cal_DomeFlat WFI_FlatDomeIma Dome flatfields
WFI_img_cal_SkyFlat WFI_FlatSkyIma Sky flatfields

Since the grism mode of WFI is no longer available, you can ignore all WFI_spec templates