HARPS Efficiency Monitoring

Instrument efficiency

Following is the plot of the latest efficiency measurement. The efficiency curves for each order are superimposed.
Agreement with the HARPS Exposure Time Calculator is within 10%.

The text file with the average order efficiencies for the last measurement is available here.


The efficiency curves in graphic and text format, including the polarimetric elements in the optical path are included here:

Linear polarization, ordinary beam: table
Linear polarization, extraordinary beam: table
Linear polarization, ordinary beam: plot
Linear polarization, extraordinary beam: plot
Circular polarization, ordinary beam: table
Circular polarization, extraordinary beam: table
Circular polarization, ordinary beam: plot
Circular polarization, extraordinary beam: plot


Efficiency measurements are acquired during a photometric or a clear night, generally with (close-to) full Moon.
The meteo plot archive can be searched to verify the conditions of the night.