Release of VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations Survey Data in the VIDEO-XMM Field

Published: 20 Jan 2014

VIDEO is a deep near-infrared survey targeting ~12 square degrees over the ELAIS-S1, XMM-LSS and ECDFS extragalactic fields. VIDEO belongs to the suite of six public surveys being conducted with VISTA. The first public data release (DR1) of the VIDEO programme via the ESO Science Archive Facility, contained 97 individual (i.e. single-OB) tile images in the VIDEO-XMM3 field and their associated single-band source lists. This release (VIDEO-XMM DR2) adds 156 single-OB images in the VIDEO-XMM fields 1, 2 and 3.

VIDEO DR2 is the first release with deep co-added images of the XMM3 field, including the associated single-band source lists. The resulting deep photometric catalogue is derived from the band-merged ZYJHKs data. To a 5σ limit of Ks~23.8, the Ks-selected catalogue contains 198178 sources over ~1.8 square degrees.

The DR2 images can be queried and downloaded from the Science Archive Facility, while the band-merged catalogue data are accessible from the catalogue facility query interface. The VIDEO-XMM DR2 is accompanied by a comprehensive description.