ALMA Cycle 2 Proposal Statistics

Published: 19 Dec 2013

The proposal submission deadline for ALMA Early Science Cycle 2 proposals closed on the 5 December 2013. A total of 1382 proposals were received, requesting 7314 hours of 12-metre array time and 3325 hours of Morita Array (ALMA Compact Array, ACA) time. ToO observations were requested in 24 proposals. A total of 1049 individual PIs and 3408 proposers (PIs and CoIs) were involved in the submitted proposals.

The percentage of submitted proposals per band in the 12-metre array was 25% (Band 3), 5% (Band 4), 29% (Band 6), 32% (Band 7), 4% (Band 8) and 5% (Band 9). The distribution of proposals across science categories was 21% (Cosmology and the high redshift Universe), 26% (Galaxies and galactic nuclei), 26% (ISM, star formation and astrochemistry), 18% (Circumstellar Disks, exoplanets and the Solar System ) and 9% (Stellar evolution and the Sun).

The ALMA review panels will meet in March 2014 and proposers will be informed of the outcome of the review process during April 2014.