Release of Additional Pipeline-processed UVES Data

Published: 19 Dec 2013

The collection of pipeline-processed high-resolution spectral data obtained with UVES has been significantly extended, now also including the observations that make use of the image slicers. In addition to the previously announced UVES data release, over 10 000 individual spectra, acquired 2003 - 2013, are now available from the Science Archive Facility.

The data consist of extracted wavelength- and, whenever possible, flux-calibrated 1-dimensional spectra in tabular format following the established science data products standard. The data products, tagged “UVES_ECHELLE”, can be queried and downloaded. More details about the data can be found in the updated Phase 3 data release description. Data products become publicly accessible once the proprietary period (usually one year) has expired; before that date, access is restricted to the PI of the observing programme and collaborators.