VIRCAM p2 tutorial

This tutorial provides a step-by-step example of the preparation of a set of OBs with VIRCAM at the VISTA survey telescope. The specifics of this tutorial pertain to the preparation of OBs for Period 101 onward.   


To follow this tutorial you should be familiar with p2 : the web-based tool for the preparation of Phase 2 materials. Please refer to the main p2 webpage (and the items in the menu bar on the left of that page) for a general overview of p2 and generic instructions on the preparation of Observing Blocks (OB).  Screenshots for this tutorial were made using the demo mode of p2, but should not differ in any way from one's experience in preparing your own OBs under your run.


0: Goal of the Run


In this tutorial we will prepare OBs for a simple example observing run, consisting of 3x3deg mosaic observation around the Cluster M41 center (RA=05:35:00.000; Dec=-05:28:59.900). The tutorial is mostly focused on how to import a pointing positions xml file created with the Survey Area Definition Tool (SADT).

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