Recent Changes/News

General News

  • Preparation of the Service Mode observations for Paranal instruments at UT2 (i.e. FLAMES, UVES and XSHOOTER), VIRCAM@VISTA and OMEGACAM@VST must be made with the new web-based tool p2. All other Service Mode users of Paranal Instruments must use P2PP version 3 (P2PP3). Both p2 and the latest version of P2PP (3.4.3) incorporate changes required to work with 'Image Quality' instead of 'Seeing' (see 4th bullet below) and are able to communicate with the new unified Guidecam tool. They also offer the possibility to encode the observing strategy using so-called scheduling containers.
  • For preparation of Visitor Mode observations for all Paranal instruments p2 must be used. For more information please follow Visitor Mode Phase 2 Guidelines.
  • Observation preparation for La Silla telescopes must be done using version 2.13.4 of P2PP. Earlier versions are not usable anymore.
  • As of P96, for most VLT instruments, the former 'Seeing' constraint is now called 'Image Quality' inside the Observation Blocks. As before, you are expected to enter the requested image quality at the observed wavelength and airmass. This must be consistent with the V-band seeing at zenith you requested in your Phase 1 proposal. Conversions between seeing and image quality can be performed with the Exposure Time Calculator for the concerned instruments. The OB validation script of p2/P2PP naturally takes this change into account.
  • As of ESO period 91, all observations of moving targets are fully integrated within the automated scheduling of service-mode observations at the VLT. To enable this, all observations of moving targets must specify the ephemeris file as a so-called VLT Parameter File (PAF) as well as the corresponding absolute time windows. More information on the requirements for the ephemeris file can be found at the Moving Targets procedure page.
  • Starting with Phase 2 preparation for Period 90, with P2PP3 it is now possible for a PI of an observing run to allow another user to create the OBs, READMEs, etc. using their own User Portal account. Learn more about the Phase 2 delegation feature on our dedicated P2PP page.

Observatory News

Please have a look at the latest news and events of the La Silla Paranal Observatory. This page covers some important telescope and instruments news from the  various ESO sites.

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