The P2PP Tool version 2 — for La Silla instruments

IMPORTANT NOTE: From Period 90 onwards, users of Paranal telescopes must use P2PP 3 to prepare their observations. The legacy version of P2PP mentioned on this page is only to be used for observations on La Silla.

What is P2PP?

The Phase 2 Proposal Preparation (P2PP) Tool is used to create and manage Observation Blocks (OBs). These OBs are used to describe observing sequences for all ESO instruments, both in Visitor Mode and in Service Mode. For further information, see the P2PP User Manual. In Service Mode P2PP is also used to submit the other elements composing the Phase 2 package, including finding charts, a Readme file, and possibly ephemerides files for moving targets.

Please note that the ID and password for the use of P2PP are your ESO User Portal username and password.

Current Version: P2PP 2.13.4 - P2PP version 2.13.4 is be used to prepare, submit, or retrieve any La Silla OBs from the ESO OB Repository. P2PP version 2.13.4 can be retrieved through our download page and will work with Java 1.6 or higher.

Problem reports

Please report any problems with the installation or use of P2PP to the ESO User Support Department


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