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XSHOOTER Quality Control

XSHOOTER is a single-target multi-wavelength (300-2500 nm) medium resolution (R=2000-18000) Echelle spectrograph mounted at the VLT-UT Cassegrain focus. It consists of three spectroscopic arms, each with optimized optics, dispersive elements, and detectors. In addition, there is a fourth arm (the Acquisition and Guiding camera) can be used for a light imaging mode.
These pages contain information about XSHOOTER Quality Control, pipeline processing, and data flow operations.

This section of the Data Processing and Quality Control web pages covers the XSHOOTER data. Find the XSHOOTER section here.

All calibration data from XSHOOTER pass Quality Control Garching.

Use the XSHOOTER archive web page to browse and download XSHOOTER raw data.

More information on the XSHOOTER instrument, especially all technical aspects, can be found here:
XSHOOTER Paranal web pages" | User Manual | Pipeline Manual including the Data reduction cookbook.

Science-grade data products for XSHOOTER SLIT

Science-grade data products are available for all XSHOOTER data taken in SLIT mode:

XSHOOTER SLIT science-grade data products:
release description
| procesing information | access to data products

quality-controlled and homogeneous processing of entire data history into spectral data products; new data are added about monthly

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