The P2PP version 3 Tool - Documentation

IMPORTANT: starting from Period 101, users preparing observing runs in Service and Visitor Mode for FLAMES, UVES, X-SHOOTER, VIRCAM and/or OmegaCAM shall use the new web-based tool p2 instead of P2PP. While the tutorial presented on this page is no longer applicable for the preparation of Phase 2 material, it may still be of use for understaning general Phase 2 concepts.  

Please see here guidelines for the preparation of Phase 2 material with p2.

What's new in P2PP 3.4.3: this version fixes an internal bug linked to the start of P100. It can be used for the preparation of observing runs of periods 100 and onwards. All users must download this new P2PP3 version for the preparation of Service Mode observations for Paranal instruments since P96.

Some notes about this version:

  • As for the previous version P2PP requires Java 1.7 to run, but will also run with Java 1.8 — see more details on our download page.
  • This P2PP version includes the internal changes necessary for the estimation of the Image Quality based on Phase 1 seeing requested in the proposals — for more details see the Observing conditions web page. The OB validation script included in P2PP will verify and help to set the expected image quality.
  • There is now a direct link with the new unified GuideCam Tool, that can be used to pre-fill coordinates and other parameters for preparation of VISIR, VIMOS, HAWK-I and MUSE finding charts as well as to upload the finding charts to the respective OBs.

IMPORTANT: the format of the internal data cache of this version is compatible with P2PP 3.4.1 and 3.4.2, but not with earlier releases of the tool. In case you want to transfer OBs of your local cache that you have prepared with P2PP 3.4.1 or 3.4.2 you can simply copy the contents of the "p2pp-3.4.x/cache" subdirectory to the new 3.4.3 installation. To retrieve the OBs from P2PP 3.4.0 or an earlier version, you'll need to use the export/import commands.

P2PP version 3 User Manual

Current Version: Issue 8 (16 January 2017)

The P2PP version 3 User Manual is available for download (with figures; PDF file).

P2PP version 3 Tutorials

The following tutorials describe general overview of the P2PP version 3, how to prepare template scheduling container structures within P2PP3 (using as example VIRCAM, SINFONI, NACO, HAWK-I instruments), how to attach finding charts and README, and finally how to retrieve OBs and scheduling containers for modification.

  • General overview of P2PP version 3
  • How to prepare OBs and GROUP scheduling containers: video or text version
  • How to prepare OBs and CONCATENATION scheduling containers: text version
  • How to prepare OBs and TIME-LINK scheduling containers: video or text version
  • How to prepare the README file: text version
  • How to attach finding charts, submit README file, and submit final set of OBs and containers: video or text version
  • How to retrieve OBs (check-out) from the Repository for revision: video or text version

Instrument selector

This page is specific to VLT, VLTI, VST, and VISTA telescopes.