Staff papers in the ESO Telescope Bibliography

These monthly compilations are part of the ESO Science Newsletter. The aim of this newsletter is to promote and develop cooperation among ESO astronomers and with astronomers at other institutes.

These publication lists contain papers co-authored by ESO authors, with or without use of observational data from ESO's telescopes. They are maintained by the ESO Library and are organized as follows:

Papers using ESO data are divided into five subject areas roughly corresponding to OPC categories

  • cosmology
  • galaxies and galactic nuclei
  • interstellar medium, star formation and planetary systems
  • stellar evolution
  • miscellaneous

ESO-authors appear in bold. The titles of the papers are linked to the ESO Telescope Bibliography (telbib) from where links to the data in the ESO archive are provided. Abstracts and full-texts of papers are available via the ADS link.

The final category, "Staff papers", contains papers (co-)written by ESO staff, but without use of ESO data.

For suggestions and comments, please contact Silvia Meakins or Uta Grothkopf.

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