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Library and Information Services in Astronomy IV
July 2-5, 2002, Prague, Czech Republic
B. Corbin, E. Bryson, and M. Wolf (eds.)

LISA IV Photos:

The photographs reproduced in this volume were kindly provided by: Ellen Bouton (p. xxi), Brenda Corbin (pp. xxii, 24, 36, 116, 118, 172), Antonella Gasperini (p. 284), Eva Isaksson (p. 2), Maria Elena Jiménez-Fragozo (pp. xiv top, 46), Ales Korlár (pp. xii, xiv bottom, xix bottom, xxviii), James Marcout (p. 232), Kathleen Robertson (p. xix top), Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (p. xvii), George Wilkins (pp. 281, 282).



Viewing Posters at a Coffee Break. [p. xii]


Listening to papers in the conference hall. [p. xiv]


Colleagues from South Africa and China: Shireen Davis, Guo Hongfeng, and Zhang Hian. [p. xii]


Colleagues from Eastern Europe: Tatyana Shevchuk, Katya Filippova, and Natalia Markova. [p.2]


Before the Banquet:
Dorothy McGarry, Judy Bausch, Antoinette Beiser, and Eva Isaksson. [p. 24]


Colleagues from India: Geetha Sheshadri, Nirupama Bawdekar, and Sunita Barve. [p. 36]


At the Banquet. Standing: Maria Eugenia Gomez, Veronica Mata-Acosta,
Juana Maria Sainz Ballesteros de Lloveras, and Myrna Koch Cifuentes.
Seated: Maria Elena Jiménez-Fragozo, Jane Holmquist, and Molly White. [p. 46]


Colleagues from Hungary: András Holl and Magda Vargha. [p. 116]


Group on City Tour - Kneeling: Donna Coletti, Sandra Kitt, Andrea Hojkova (tour guide),
Andrea Bio-Jiménez, Peter Hingley, Daniel Madore, Wendy Freedman, Rachael Madore, Eleodoro Nievas.
Middle row: Sandra Ricketts, Brenda Corbin, Dorothy McGarry, Juana Maria Sainz Ballesteros de Lloveras,
Maria Elena Jiménez-Fragozo, Molly White, Guo Hongfeng, Zhang Jian.
Back row: Peter Smith, Barry Madore, Antonio Bio-Jiménez, Jane Holmquist. [p.118]


Before the Banquet: David Dubin, Michael Kurtz, and Guenther Eichhorn. [p. 172]


French Colleagues at the Banquet:
Gregory Thureau, Magali Foissey, Fabienne Woelfel, Catherine Brunet,
François Ochsenbein, Soizick Lesteven and Pascal Dubois. [p. 232]


Italian colleagues on the top of the Astronomical Tower: Donatella Randazzo,
Emilia Olostro Cirella, Luisa Schiavone, Antonella Gasperini, Francesca
Martines, (kneeling) Francesca Brunetti [p. 284]

After the work is done:
Uta Grothkopf, editor of the electronic proceedings


© Copyright 2003 U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC, USA