Charles University Prague

The oldest university in central Europe, Charles University was founded on April 7, 1348 by Charles IV, then the Holy Roman Emperor and the King of Bohemia. From its foundation it was devoted to studia generalia and it was endowed by the emperor with all the privileges enjoyed by older European universities. The university still bears his name and still strives to fulfil the vocation, which its founder so wisely intended for it: to be a place which opens the way to education, wisdom and knowledge. Since its foundation, however, Charles University has also been an international institution, welcoming in its lecture halls students and distinguished academics from all over the world, contributing to creation of European and world science and becoming mother or sister to many other European universities in neighbouring areas.
Charles University consists at present of sixteen faculties and educated more than 30,000 students. The faculties are centres not only for teaching, but also for research and scholarship.