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Details - VISTA match with AllWISE and spectroscopic surveys

Position Name Description Data Type Data Size UCD Physical Unit
1 SOURCEID_VISTA UID of the merged detection in VISTA INT64 1;meta.main
2 RA_Spec Right Ascension in the spectroscopic survey DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.ra;meta.main deg
3 DEC_Spec Declination in the spectroscopic survey DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.dec;meta.main deg
4 z_spec Redshift measurement from the spectroscopic survey DOUBLE 1 src.redshift
5 class Object classification INT16 1 src.class
6 spec_survey Survey(s) in which this object is identified STRING 21 meta.file
7 spec_ID Spectroscopic ID(s) of the Survey(s) STRING 46
8 separation Distance between the matched object in VISTA and in the spectroscopi DOUBLE 1 pos.angDistance arcsec