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Details - VISTA match with AllWISE and SkyMappers

Position Name Description Data Type Data Size UCD Physical Unit
1 SOURCEID_VISTA UID of this merged detection as assigned by merge algorithm INT64 1;meta.main
2 OBJECT_ID_SM Unique ID from Sky Mapper INT32 1
3 SLAVEOBJID_WISE The unique ID of the neighbour in calSource (=sourceID) INT64 1
4 ID_ALLWISE AllWISE name STRING 19 meta.dataset
5 RA_SM Celestial Right Ascension for SM DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.ra;meta.main deg
6 DEC_SM Celestial Declination for SM DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.dec;meta.main deg
7 U_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude u-band (AB) FLOAT 1 phot.mag;em.opt.U mag
8 E_U_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude error u-band (AB) FLOAT 1 stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.U mag
9 V_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude v-band (AB) DOUBLE 1 phot.mag;em.opt.U mag
10 E_V_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude error v-band (AB) FLOAT 1 stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.U mag
11 G_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude g-band (AB) FLOAT 1 phot.mag;em.opt.B mag
12 E_G_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude error g-band (AB) FLOAT 1 stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.B mag
13 R_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude r-band (AB) FLOAT 1 phot.mag;em.opt.R mag
14 E_R_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude error r-band (AB) FLOAT 1 stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.R mag
15 I_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude i-band (AB) FLOAT 1 phot.mag;em.opt.I mag
16 E_I_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude error i-band (AB) FLOAT 1 stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.I mag
17 Z_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude z-band (AB) FLOAT 1 phot.mag;em.opt.I mag
18 E_Z_PETRO_SM Petrosian magnitude error z-band (AB) FLOAT 1 stat.error;phot.mag;em.opt.I mag
19 EMV_SFD_SM The galactic extinction value measured from the Schlegel maps DOUBLE 1
20 SEPARATION_VISTA_SM Distance between matched objects along a great circle DOUBLE 1 pos.angDistance arcsec
21 P_STAR ML probability of being a star FLOAT 1 stat.probability
22 P_QSO ML probability of being a quasar FLOAT 1 stat.probability
23 P_GALAXY ML probability of being a galaxy FLOAT 1 stat.probability
24 CLASS Object classification class INT16 1 src.class
25 P_STAR_25 ML probability of being a star without imputation FLOAT 1 stat.probability
26 P_QSO_25 ML probability of being a quasar without imputation FLOAT 1 stat.probability
27 P_GALAXY_25 ML probability of being a galaxy without imputation FLOAT 1 stat.probability
28 CLASS_25 Object classification class without imputation INT16 1 src.class
29 IMPUTATION_FLAG String indicating which magnitudes are imputed STRING 10 meta.code
30 WARNING_FLAG 0=safe, 1=not safe, 2=outlier INT16 1 meta.code.qual