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Details - Next Generation Transit Survey - source catalogue

Position Name Description Data Type Data Size UCD Physical Unit
1 SOURCE_ID NGTS source designation STRING 20;meta.main
2 RA_NGTS Source right angle DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.ra;meta.main deg
3 DEC_NGTS Source declination DOUBLE 1 pos.eq.dec;meta.main deg
4 NGTS_MAG NGTS magnitude derived from cross-match with APASS I band. DOUBLE 1 phot.mag;em.opt.I;stat.mean mag
5 REF_FLUX Flux value from dithered stacked frame DOUBLE 1 phot.flux;stat.uncalib adu/s
6 FLUX_MEAN Mean flux value of lightcurve DOUBLE 1 phot.flux;stat.mean;stat.uncalib adu/s
7 FLUX_RMS RMS noise value of lightcurve DOUBLE 1 stat.error;phot.flux;stat.uncalib adu/s
8 CCDX CCD-X pixel position of source DOUBLE 1 pos.cartesian.x pixel
9 CCDY CCD-Y pixel position of source DOUBLE 1 pos.cartesian.y pixel
10 NPTS Number of valid flux measurements in lightcurve INT32 1 meta.number
11 NPTS_CLIPPED Number of clipped out points in lightcurve INT32 1 meta.number
12 NPTS_TOTAL Total number of measurements made including null and clipped data po INT32 1 meta.number
13 NPTS_NOT_NULL Number of data points with non-null photometry INT32 1 meta.number
14 FLAG_CNT_0 Number of saturated data points INT32 1 meta.code;meta.number
15 FLAG_CNT_1 Number of pixels affected by cosmics INT32 1 meta.code;meta.number
16 FLAG_CNT_2 Number of data points affected by laser, airplane or comet crossing INT32 1 meta.code;meta.number
17 FLAG_CNT_3 Flagged as outlier using 7-sigma clip INT32 1 meta.code;meta.number
18 FLAG_CNT_4 Aperture contains a blooming spike from bright star INT32 1 meta.code;meta.number
19 GAIA_DR2_ID Cross-matched GAIA DR2 identifier STRING 25
20 TWOMASS_ID Cross-matched 2MASS identifier STRING 25
21 PPMXL_ID Cross-matched PPMXL identifier STRING 25
22 UCAC4_ID Cross-matched UCAC4 identifier STRING 25
23 NED_ID Cross-matched NED identifier STRING 25
24 GALEX_ID Cross-matched GALEX identifier STRING 25
25 WISE_ID Cross-match WISE identifier STRING 25
26 RAVE_ID Cross-matched RAVE identifier STRING 25
27 DENIS_ID Cross-matched DENIS identifier STRING 25
28 USNOB1_ID Cross-matched USNOB1 identifier STRING 25