Distant Worlds — Alien Life? (trailer)

Distant Worlds — Alien Life? is a beautiful planetarium film exploring one of the most enduring questions of humankind — are we alone? For millennia our ancestors watched the stars, questioning the origin and nature of what they saw. Still today we ask these questions, knowing that the Universe is a vast place filled with billions and billions of stars and planets — but yet, Earth is the only planet we know for sure to be inhabited.

Discover more about this ancient question of life in the Universe, in the full length film "Distant Worlds" available here.

"Distant Worlds - Alien Life?", originally "Ferne Welten - fremdes Leben?", is a joint production by the planetariums in Münster, Bochum, Kiel, Mannheim, Osnabrück und Wolfsburg, produced at LWL-Planetarium Münster. It was produced by a consortium of German planetariums, and was directed by Björn Voß from Münster Planetarium.


LWL-Planetarium Münster

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