Paranal Observatory: Unit Telescope no. 1

Hans Hermann Heyer, professional ESO photographer at the Education and Public Relations Department in Garching, has prepared a remarkable exhibition of 45 photographs he obtained during two visits to ESO-Chile in 1996. It is on display at the ESO Headquarters until July 10, 1997. La Silla Observatory: The small telescopes at work. Paranal Observatory: Unit Telescope no. 1, the enclosure being assembled. This photo shows the ESO Paranal Installations and the people that work at these through the eyes of an artistic photographer, in a way that is quite different from those images usually published by ESO. The exhibition was divided into three geographical sections: The La Silla Observatory, Santiago de Chile and the Paranal Observatory. All are in B/W and many show dramatic light effects, so well supported by this particularly medium.


ESO/H.H. Heyer

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Fecha de publicación:2 de Junio de 1997
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Nombre:Paranal, VLT Unit Telescopes
Tipo:Unspecified : Technology : Observatory : Telescope

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