Webcast del eclipse solar en La Silla

7 de Junio de 2019

On July 2 at 21:15 CEST, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) will offer a live webcast of the total solar eclipse 2019 in the Chair , weather conditions should be favorable and the broadband Internet should work as expected . We invite the organisms of our Member States as well as others to consider incorporating the webcast to any public event that they are planning around the eclipse. We also invite the general public to simply enjoy the broadcast on our website . This is an unrepeatable opportunity to be part of the only total solar eclipse visible from an ESO observatory for the next 212 years.

The webcast can be seen in HD on the ESO website and on the ESO YouTube channel , and will be broadcast from 21:15 CEST until the end of the eclipse around 24:00, the total darkness will begin at 22:39 [1]. Unedited sequences will be shown, which will not include comments, and we will change the sources regularly, presenting images from up to three small telescopes and also from spectators who are in the observatory. 

If you are planning to incorporate the ESO broadcast during the event you are organizing around the eclipse, please complete the following form , so that we can add your event on the eclipse website.

In case of bad weather, the webcast will be suspended. The probability of a clear sky in La Silla during July is 40%. There is a 55% chance that the sky is partly clear. There is more than a 30% chance that the day is very cloudy. The probability that there is a clear sky in La Silla is much higher than in most other parts that will also experience the eclipse, and slightly better than in the nearby Elqui Valley, but in itself, it can not be guaranteed that the sky is clear.

Given the increase in the number of visitors to the region during the eclipse and the location of the La Silla Observatory on the edge of the Atacama Desert, we have taken additional measures to ensure a sufficient broadband connection, but we can not guarantee the conditions of that
ESO day will issue a press release after the eclipse ends.


[1] Complete eclipse chronogram:

Event Local time Chile Time UT Time CEST

Start of the webcast                                15:15:00           19:15:00           21:15:00                       

Beginning of the partial eclipse (C1)         15:23:51           19:23:51           21:23:51    

Beginning of the whole (C2)              16:39:24           20:39:24           22:39:24

Maximum total                                16:40:20           20:40:20           20:40:20           

End of the whole (C3)                        16:41:15           20:41:15           22:41:15          

End of the partial eclipse (C4) 17:47:16           21:47:16           23:47:16

Sunset                                     17:54:00           21:54:00           23:54:00                        

End of the webcast                                  18:00:00           22:00:00           24:00:00

Duration of the whole                       01: 51.7





Calum Turner
ESO Public Information Officer
Garching bei München, Germany
Tel: +49 89 3200 6670

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Simulación del eclipse solar total 2019 con clima despejado sobre La Silla
Simulación del eclipse solar total 2019 con clima despejado sobre La Silla