Zooming in on VISTA’s view of the centre of the Milky Way

The central part of our Milky Way Galaxy is one of the most dramatic regions of the sky, but dust clouds obscure the view. In this zoom sequence we start with a spectacular panorama of the entire region in visible light. As we close in on the centre we shift to the VISTA infrared image and can penetrate most of the dust and see huge numbers of hidden stars.

Autorska prava:

ESO/VISTA/S. Guisard (www.eso.org/~sguisard). Music: John Dyson (from the album "Moonwind")

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Datum objavljivanja:11. decembar 2009. 11:30
Povezana saopštenja:eso0949
Trajanje:56 s
Frame rate:30 fps

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