ESO Calendar 2009

ESO has again produced a calendar for the year 2009, with beautiful astronomical images, unique pictures of ESO' s telescopes and breathtaking landscapes.

Lunar phases are also indicated.

The calendar measures 49 x 49 cm and has 14 pages, with a cardboard back. It is delivered in a cardboard box.

Some of the pages of the calendar are shown here

Cover image description:This colour image of the region known as NGC 2264 — an area of sky that includes the sparkling blue orbs of the Christmas Tree star cluster — was created from data taken through four different filters (B, V, R and H-alpha) with the Wide Field Imager at ESO’s La Silla Observatory, at an altitude of 2400 metres high in the foothills of the Andes in Chile. As well as the cluster, there are many interesting and curious structures in the gas and dust. At the bottom of the frame the dark triangular feature is the evocative Cone Nebula, a region of molecular gas flooded by the harsh light of the brightest cluster member. The region to the right of the brightest star has a curious, fur-like texture that has led to the name Fox-Fur Nebula. The image shows a region of space about 40 light-years across. Credit: ESO (MPG/ESO 2.2 m WFI)

This product is only available in electronic form.



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